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Article No. 18 | EILE Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 4

Every so often I tend to have a little bit of a crisis. And when I say crisis, I mean a fashion crisis. I started to question my own style (again) and attacked my wardrobe as a response (again). It was a viscous cycle to be honest. However, after much thought I figured it all out. Taking a minimalist approach keeps me happy. I am more than happy to keep things simple (to a certain extent). So this month I thought I would delve into what minimalism means and the recent cultural influences to the emerging trend. Make sure you check it out. 

As you know it doesn't stop there. You would be silly to miss this months brilliant features and interviews. This issue is packed more than ever with opinion pieces, music & film reviews, articles, news stories, and so much more! As always, the links are as follows: