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Unilever Summer Festival

Ever looked in the mirror and desperately wanted ears that didn't stick out so much? Or spotted a bald patch you wished wasn't there? Well, cosmetic surgery could be the game-changing solution. While men only account for less than 10 per cent of cosmetic procedures carried out between Ireland and the UK today, more of us than ever before are at least open to the idea of having a little ‘work’ done.

However, Unilever would have something to say about that. Who needs surgery when you look after yourself with the right products? I attended the Unilever Summer Festival on Wednesday at the Morrison Hotel, courtesy of Thinkhouse PR. And man, what an event. It seems to be a common occurrence that when I attend an event that I know I am going to review, I end up stumbling (falling) walking through my door at 2am. Whats that about? Unilever put together a fantastic event that consisted of fantastic stations set up all over, thought provoking debates, amazing goodie bags, great music, a multicoloured dance floor (It changed colour every time you stepped on it!!), free drink & drink, and just incredibly nice people. And on top of that, we were in company with the likes of vlogger, Melaine Murphy, straight talking beauty guru, Liz Dwyer and countless others. The list is endless. 

Questioning why you use something can do wonders for yourself and take your personal care to the next level. You can save yourself so much time, effort and money when you know exactly what you want, when you want it. There is no point in trying to force yourself to use something because somebody else said it was "essential" or because someone else is using it. Any product you use, you should be using it because you are comfortable in it and you know you can work it.