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The Styled Man Box Approach

While a beaded wristband or a chain hanging from your skater jeans might have been classed as an accessory in your teens, these days, it’s important to realise the importance of investing in accessories that not only look good but do their job and are built to last. As with all walks of life, paying attention to the details will always mark you out as a cut above. With that in mind, I was only delighted with myself when Boston-based company "The Styled Man Box" approached me and asked me to be one of their brand ambassadors. 

We all have certain parts of our outfits that we love. "The Styled Man Box" is everything we love. The boys in Boston are looking to style fashion-loving men one month at a time; helping them to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and fashion for an affordable price. Each box is tailored to ones personal style, which is established during the sign-up through a profile questionnaire. The company’s head stylist then personally hand picks the products before curating each box, meaning no one box is exactly the same. Can you see why I'm only delighted to be getting this every month? "The Styled Man Box" is everything we love. 

As a mini experiment for my first box, Lance (the box curator and ‘Styled’ founder) and I decided that I wouldn't do the questionnaire. Instead we would go on our conversations between each other. This resulted in me receiving a bow tie, printed socks, and a incredibly detailed lapel pin, to name a few. Oh! Lets not forget the hydrating shampoo...How did you know, Lance? 

Fashion is continuously evolving and can be difficult for some. We all know that. But "The Styled Man Box" is affordable, stylish and unique. If you are looking for something fresh and elegant or just wanting a gift tailored to you every month, then you shouldn't look any further.