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Summertime Meet Up - Part II

Life is about progression. Learning that change is good, and accepting it, is what being a human is all about. The same can be said of fashion and the journey that all of us take from a complete rookie to a seasoned pro. Because what you liked a couple of years ago, you may not be such a big fan of now. Like, I was all about pasta bakes a few years back when I was studying for my degree. These days? Nah, I’m not too fond of that anymore. Things have changed, I’m afraid. When you first start out in the style game, it can all be a bit too much to take in. Men’s fashion has seriously caught up with its female counterpart in the last decade, progressing to a level where the choices and options available to the average male are at an overwhelming level. But once you've learned the rules of the game – you can then learn how to break them moving forward.

And while life is all about progression its the things you do that help you to progress so I was only delighted to hear that there would be a second summertime meet up to build on last months "Meet Up" with the Irish Blogger Association. Held in the elegant KC Peaches Wine Cave, you were sure to feel like you were going on a very fancy date. And whats not to love about gorgeous staff members wine? And although I was celebrating being longlisted for "Best Beauty Blog" and "Best Fashion Blog" at this years Blog Awards Ireland, I had much more to celebrate come the end of the night. On that note, I am delighted to be sitting on the fashion panel for this years Irish Blogger Conference in Cork. So chuffed. Eeeee. What a way to end the day. More of these events, please. Although, I may want to work on the time I get home at after these meet ups...

So there you have it, my Wednesday in a nutshell. Or a couple of frames should I say?