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Frockadvisor’s Newest Contributor

I’m not sure when it happened. It feels like only yesterday I was casually flicking through countless fashion magazines, pondering whether wearing a navy blazer would make me look pretentious. Just a small town boy flirting with gateway clothing like Oxford cloth button down shirts and Fred Perry polos. These days I pour over magazines daily whilst they lay in front of me on my coffee table all the while constantly debating the benefits of mother of pearl buttons with myself and trying to buy Burberry for a steal on ebay. It’s become an all consuming addiction that has slowly but surely taken over my life.

Having said that, this addiction has been very beneficial. As of a couple of days ago, I not only get to share my opinions through my blog but through Frockadvisor too. Yes, I’m frockadvisor’s newest guest contributor. Exciting right? Created by Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney, Frockadvisor is a fashion app that connects luxury shoppers with indy boutiques via "fotocon" - a photo conversation of lust lists (from shoppers) and in-stock options (from the stores). 

Also, did I mention that I'm an addict? Because that's what my first piece is all about on Frockadvisor - being a menswear clothing addict. And I do know there are others out there who are equally, if not more, addicted to men’s fashion and style and are hoping to hit rock bottom so they can let go of this habit. So why not head on over and have a read of my piece and find out if you are an addict and if we can fight this together?

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