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Dublin Fashion Festival 2015 Launch

Just like clockwork, it’s that time of year again. Stylish men and women everywhere have begun to dust off their dinner dresses and shine their smartest loafers for the arrival of Dublin Fashion Festival, 2015 (Sept. 7th - 13th). Last night marked my first time in Dublin's city hall and man was I impressed! What a launch night! I could not have asked for more. Ireland is a very small place when it comes to the world of fashion but we have so much talent. With Pippa O'Connor being announced as the face of the festival and Dublin's fashion scene being promised a series of events that would engage and entertain the public, it was hard not to get over excited. And while I know we cant compete head on with the likes of a fashion week in London or New York, you could feel the optimism and excitement in the room with Ireland coming so far in such a short period. Dublin fashion festival celebrates the relationship between Dublin and fashion and the breathe taking young designers that are emerging effortlessly. Look at the opening illustration for instance. Its fresh and exciting. It could have only come from Conor Merriman. Such talent. What more could you want from a fashion festival? 

Such amazing goodie bags! We are a unique little nation and I feel like we don't take ourselves too seriously. I think because of that, we continuously get it right. Like I said, we are a small country full of talent and we are not afraid to at least try and stand amongst fashions most elite.



Kassi said…
Nicely said Mark! Shame I missed you on the night! Maybe I will see you at the next bloggers meet up!