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Cornerstones Of Our Youth

Last night I sat on the couch listening to Disney classics (like the big child that I am!) and it became clear that nostalgia has become something of a pop culture phenomenon in recent years, with the arrival of the 2010s pushing the eighties and nineties firmly into the retro zone. This revival of styles from times gone by has seen many once-popular brands re-emerge, tapping into the renewed obsession for all things old school. And with sports luxe currently dominating industry trends, it comes as no surprise that some classic activewear names are experiencing a renaissance, be it over ten, twenty or one hundred years later.

Athletic apparel brand Champion started out life way back in 1919, designing technical sportswear styles for professional athletes. However, the label had its real heyday in the 1990s, being adopted as a sports-meets-streetwear brand for casual urban dressers. Champion has now stormed back into the fashion charts, teaming up with the likes of Wood Wood, Todd Snyder and Urban Outfitters in the past year to bring its throwback pieces bang up to date.

A cornerstone brand of the eighties football casuals subculture, Fila has held a place in retro lovers’ hearts since its late 20th century prime. Today, the brand continues to harness its throwback appeal, launching a range of classic and original pieces under its Vintage sub-brand. From track jackets to striped polo shirts, shoppers will be transported back to the eighties (in a good way) in no time.

Kappa is an Italian sportswear label that caters to both the professional and amateur athlete, providing the official uniforms for a range of football, basketball and hockey teams across the globe. Although your everyday sportswear fan will probably hold vivid memories of its popper leg trousers emblazoned with oversized logos, Kappa now focuses on pared-back, technical styles for both working out and daily wear.

Another brand that found popularity back in the nineties is Italian heritage label Ellesse, with its bold slogan sweatshirts now returning to satisfy the appetite of vintage lovers everywhere. The label continues to stay true to its original designs, reissuing key pieces with contemporary elements for an updated look.

Umbro’s diamond logo is sure to conjure up memories of your school days – bulky backpacks, branded sports socks and the like – with the Manchester-born label’s pieces going beyond their original purpose to be adopted by the style-conscious youth of the eighties and nineties. After being acquired by Nike in 2007, the brand went through something of a revamp, focusing on its footballing heritage and vintage appeal to produce classic, stylish pieces complete with original features.

It isn't about dressing like you are actually still living in the nineties – you should take small influences from these era's, modernise it, and then integrate seamlessly within your current day style. Look to the loose-fitted style and garish patterns that are extremely popular. Your local park may not be Laguna Beach or the Sunset Strip on a hot afternoon, but that doesn't mean you have to dress otherwise. Live a little.



Jess said…
I agree. I love taking inspiration for different eras, from 90s poetic justice to 70s influences.