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Chillin' With Tay

Taylor Swift – a country music icon, street style star, and pop culture phenomenon. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with. At such a young age she broke out onto the scene in a big way, with infectious rhythms and insightful, deeply felt lyrics. Her famous relationships (and breakups too) have been immortalized into country/pop-rock songs that has the rest of the world singing along. 

She recently released 1989 – named after the year of her birth. As excited as I was about this, it seemed like it was a “new sound, new style " scenario for Swift this time around. It is the star's first entirely pop effort, and was heavily inspired by the musical hits of the late '80s. It makes plenty of sense, and it goes to show that Swift's clearly willing to experiment — even when it comes at the risk of throwing her massive loyal fan base for a loop. Indeed, the fact that she's managed to change up both her look and her musical genre — the country-pop crossover is now 100 percent pop — without losing the support of her Swifties is quite a feat, and one few of her professional peers have managed to pull off.

You've also got to admire Swift's sheer commitment to maintaining her image. Unlike so many Hollywood heavy hitters who sport couture on the red carpet and then fall back on sweats, flip-flops and hangover-hiding sunglasses and hats in their off-duty hours, Swift never drops the sartorial ball — even if she's just taking one of her cats to the vet. Her post-gym style alone has inspired more tweets, questions and criticisms than I can count; even after a sweat session at the gym, she always leaves the locker room in a little dress, sharp heels and a swipe of her signature red lipstick. Part of the reason for this, of course, is that she knows she'll be snapped by paparazzi each and every time she sets foot outside her apartment — but I also think it stems from the simple fact that the girl takes pride in her outfits. 

Yes, Swift's wardrobe (and music, and love life, and entire public persona) can be polarizing. And yes, multiple people shake their heads in disapproval at the star's style. But, as Swift herself once sang and her answer to today’s #IWokeUpLikeThis-obsessed society would be that " the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate ". But " I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake " …well, you know.