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Thursday came, Thursday went

Along with fabric and cut – the cornerstones of any stylish persons wardrobe – colour plays an integral role in creating a commendable look. And yet it’s one of the most difficult aspects to ace. Which hues work for which season? Which shades suit your skin tone? And which colours complement one another? The challenges are myriad.

Thursday morning I jumped out of bed at 7am with 16 hours of work ahead of me, as well as trying to fit in a press event for Thomas Sabo (I never made the event...). However, despite all the craziness of Thursday, my biggest ordeal was what to wear. I opted for all black (shirt, shorts, bow tie) with a pop of colour through my socks and footwear. The old reliable you could say. Am I allowed opt for the old reliable everyday or is that bad when I like, eh, try to write about fashion? 

I guess dressing well takes time but if there is one thing I'm beginning to notice, its that if you are light on inspiration then go for what makes you smile. Go for what makes you want to take countless selfies and not give a damn.