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The Moustache

I don’t know if you've noticed, but it seems like the high streets have been invaded by small furry creatures of late. I’m not talking about those headline-grabbing killer spiders that keep popping out from bunches of supermarket bananas – I’m talking about the furry creatures that tend to reside above a gentleman’s upper lip. Yes, folks, the much-maligned moustache is officially back on trend. And this is even before Movember – the annual Mo growing charity event in support of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health – even kicks off in earnest. Trust me, those dashing little mouth mantelpieces are everywhere. I have spotted so many recently. 

What’s more, the number of moustache waxes that are being displayed in shops has increased six fold in the past 12 months, whilst a new facial hair grooming brand seems to launch every other week. Younger people are getting attached to their facial hair and instead of having it removed they are requesting a neater, more classic look. But while Movember may have been a catalyst for the widespread acceptance of the ‘tache (they can look cool on some guys), their resurgence may actually have more to do with the popularity of their bigger, badder, altogether bushier cousin, the beard. If the recent vogue for beards has done anything, it has given men permission to be playful with their facial hair.

What’s more, many of the men who grew beards for the first time when they became fashionable again discovered that they actually looked rather good with some facial hair and that women weren't repelled by the thought of "pash rash" either. Like the beard, the moustache has finally been rehabilitated. Moustaches make men look more fun, rugged and outdoorsy. The guy with a moustache today is often wearing it with really well cut, tailored clothes and it’s there as an accessory to complete a look.

The beard is responsible for the comeback of the moustache in another way, too. Once the bearded look became ubiquitous last year, it instantly lost its appeal to the fashion-forward. Like disco in the Seventies, the beard has very much become the victim of its own stunning success. And whilst men aren’t burning their beards like they once did disco records they are looking for another way to adorn their faces and stand out from the crowd – hence the increasing popularity of the ‘tache. 

The moustache is to a man’s face what a flash of red lipstick is to a woman’s – it’s an eye-catching device that instantly gets you noticed and draws attention to the most sensual part of your body. In many ways the moustache is a much braver style statement than a beard these days. Now, the question I have been battling with for days is whether I should grow one like the one above? 



Heather Noire said…
You could or possibly try a way to see what it would look like before you do it. I would say give it a go. It's probably going to look good.