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Summertime Meet Up

Many people ask, “Why do you put so much time into something that’s a hobby?” They don’t understand why we consistently subject ourselves to nights of minimal sleep, endless networking and never “turning off”. The truth is that many of our efforts aren't logical. We do it for the thrill of the ride; for the journey, not the end destination. Our efforts are a result of real love. And that type of love, my friends, is above reason. And speaking of love, that brings Wednesday nights event to mind. I, like many others, were in attendance of the first Irish Blogger Association Summertime Meet Up. The event took place in the dashing "Avenue By Nick Munier" and boy what an event it was. I was a little nervous at the start as it was my first event of its kind to go to but by the end I was well and truly cemented in with all the other fantastic bloggers. I met so many fantastic people and got to know others even more and I just genuinely had a fantastic night. That was clear when I stumbled walked up the steps to my apartment at 2am. Great people, free food, free drink, fantastic venue, one hell of an event manager, barmen that were easy on the eye - what more could you ask for? 

If you haven't joined the Irish Blogger Association yet then get on it. Head over and like the facebook page, follow the twitter account and send Fiona an email so you can join in on all the fun and come to great events like this one. But in the meantime, bring out the coffee and keep blogging your well-dressed heart out, because it’s those who work the hardest that will see the biggest rewards.