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My Wednesday, Your Wednesday

My Wednesday is your Wednesday and boy what a day I am hoping it will be. Bloggers see the world in photographs, social media and enjoy standing out from the crowd. How else are you expected to be noticed? Blending in is for the mundane. All this is why some people just don’t get bloggers. Yes, we fuss over what shoes to wear. Yes, our social networks are filled with images of our favorite looks. Yes, we have friends we have never actually met in person. No, we don’t expect everyone to understand. No, we won’t be swayed by the occasional judgmental look or whisper. No, we don’t mind working hours and hours outside of our normal jobs or lives to express our creativity. And no, we will not say no to free food and gifts at a summertime social event.

Today feels like a day of enjoyment is ahead. I have recently started this new positive vibe in my life where I am back working out, running and basically doing things that I never do any more. Doing things that make me happy. Later on today I am stepping out from behind the laptop screen (my comfort zone!) and going to engage personally with other bloggers and I don't know why, but I'm actually pretty nervous. I can see why people actually hide behind a computer screen. Despite that though, I'm taking out one of my favorite bow ties for today's outfit and for the Irish Blogger Association event later on this evening because, well, that's just me. But if there is one thing you do this Wednesday, do something that makes you happy.