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Don't Stop (Instagraming It)

In this digital age, fashion isn't just something that hangs on clothing store rails anymore. We’re now able to glean style inspiration and shop the latest designs with the click of a button (or swipe of our fingers). The world of fashion apps can be a bit of a minefield, with many either taking up unnecessary storage space on your device or simply not offering anything of value.

However, I think we will all agree that Instagram isn't just a place to share pictures of your lunch or funny snaps of your dog – this platform is filled with fashion and style inspiration for all ages and tastes. Not only have global brands flocked to the social media network since its inception back in 2010, but the very best bloggers and street style photographers can also be found amongst its millions of profiles too.

This app will certainly keep you busy during those commuting hours, with users constantly providing beautifully filtered imagery of the latest trends in action. And well, if you want to take a break from all those beautifully filtered images and take a look at my vast range of socks, watches and coffee snaps, then be sure to follow me. 

As you can already probably tell, my favourite part of my outfit each day is probably my socks - be it white or graphic. I will admit, hands down, that I am not as adventurous with my Instagram as many, but I still get that same sense of happiness everyone else gets when you see that little orange icon popping up at the end of your screen after you have posted your overly filtered image. Instagram is like my own personal mood board that I can share with whomever.