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Article No. 17 | EILE Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 2

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop. That is the question being raised by many, including me in this months EILE Magazine. Photoshopping seems to be one of the latest hot topic that is creating buzz in the media. The fashion industry has been photoshopping their images for years. With eating disorders and low self-esteem a huge issue with young girls that continues to be on the rise, more people are coming forward, speaking out against photoshopping and the negative impact it contributes to this issue. 

Follow the links below to get the full article or at least head on over to see my name on the front page for the first time. Chuffed. As you know it doesn't stop there. You would be silly to miss this months brilliant features and interviews. This issue is packed more than ever with opinion pieces, music & film reviews, articles, news stories, and so much more! As always, the links are as follows: