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Article No. 16 | EILE Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 1

Pride is suddenly upon us again and I’m sure you've already got your outfit all laid out. Right? Well, I hope so. In this months EILE Magazine I take a look at the best way to plan your outfit for Pride. You want something that isn't too dressy; something that is casual but totally cute. The outfit you might wear to see your ex because you know you look particularly hot in it. Don’t consider season/weather, just really pick the outfit you looks absolutely your best in. You’re going to want to wear your hottest look because, well, I know you and you’re probably going to see a cute guy or girl you want to kiss. Even if you’re not out cruising, looking hot at Pride is a source of…well… pride. 

This months issue is full from front to back with opinionated pieces along with coverage on the historic marriage referendum that was passed by popular vote here, in Ireland. You can catch my post on "Equality" here. Along with that we take a look forward to this years gay pride. There is so much to read to sit down and relax. As always, the links are as follows: 

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