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Get The 90's Look

The comfortable cable knits and thick-skinned chinos are great for the colder months, but the recent blast of sunshine makes such sartorial choices completely impractical. Yes, summer fast approaches, bringing with it a whole host of warmer activities that us Irish seize with both sun-starved hands. Whether it’s the odd pint that turns into a five hour session in the nearest beer garden you can find, or a mate organising a barbeque at the slightest ray of sun, the less restrictive pieces come out quickly (as do typical pasty arms and legs in need of a good airing).

Judging by seasonal trends however, it seems certain blasts from the past will be dominating our summer time looks this year. The 90's are back on the style radar. Now, there are many who have a great disdain for the era; just look at carpenter jeans and bum bags (fanny packs for our American cousins). On the other hand, you just have to look at Steps and Cartoon Network to see how amazing the era was. It’s all about channeling the 90's effectively. Make reference and take inspiration, placing a contemporary slant on the 90's look. You don't want to end up looking like a member of Backstreet Boys after all. 

The 90's may have introduced all sorts into the mainstream conscience (Mr Motivator, dungarees etc) but there’s the potential for plenty of playful looks that still remain effortlessly on-trend. It’s all about a looser fit and an eye for modern vintage. Even high street giant Urban Outfitters are game. To name one of many, take a look at Ellesse clawing there way back into society for one mouth watering revival. 

Ellesse show us that it isn't about dressing like you are actually still living in the nineties – you should take small influences from the era, modernise it, and then integrate seamlessly within your current day style. Look to the loose-fitted style and garish patterns that are going to be extremely popular in the upcoming warmer months. Your local park may not be Laguna Beach or the Sunset Strip on a hot afternoon, but that doesn't mean you have to dress otherwise. Live a little.