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COS Autumn/Winter 2015 Press Preview

Yesterday, I attended my first ever press preview of a collection. At least I think it was my first. I'm always so much happier behind a computer screen talking about clothes and all things related so I was taken completely out of my comfort zone. I went from stressing out about what to wear to nearly not attending. And then when I got to the top of the stairs in COS I got all flustered with the amount of people. I got there in the end though and it was one of my more memorable experiences I have to say. Collection of Style launched its new collection back in March through a series of temporary installations that were created by Hong Kong architect Andre Fu. Throughout the installations you could see things like dove grey marks, a forest green lacquered bridge, and a sunken garden of moss-covered spheres, resting on white pebbles, to name a few. What is interesting to note is that most of these features can been seen throughout the collections colour palette and detail.

The new collection showcased a range of voluminous cocoon-like silhouettes that referenced Japan's Mono-ha art movement's interpretation of the relationship between nature and modern industrial materials. You get the sense that something natural and peaceful was to be achieved here with the natural palette of greens with rich camel, beige and grey. 

I never really seen myself buying much from COS in the past and I think that was down to the amount of detail I prefer in clothing. However, I will be the first to admit that I was a bit taken back here. I immediately fell in love with all the winter whites (shocker!). But not because of the colour; it was the detail that went into the stitching that won me over. I can see a couple of these items making waves in my wardrobe in the coming months. As for attending more press days: Yes please!