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Bruce Springsteen: A Style Icon

Bruce Springsteen is probably a firm fixture in your dad's record cabinet and karaoke repertoire but, even though he's old-school, there's a lot to be learnt from The Boss. He was such a prominent figure throughout my youth. I even have a signed picture of the man hanging in my family home. The New Jersey native's poetic lyrics, soaring sound and epic, three-hour-plus live sets have likely inspired most of your favourite musicians – from Killers and The Hold Steady to Kings Of Leon and Arcade Fire – and with retro 70s and early 80s looks having a major catwalk revival right now, it feels like the right time to celebrate the 65-year-old superstar's style. 

Matching his clothes to his lyrical themes – all restless dissatisfaction and emotional struggle in working-class America – he's favoured a uniform of leather jackets, sleeveless waistcoats, scruffy T-shirts and bandanas since the 70s. Then, of course, there's his fondness for denim, denim and more denim, which is hardly surprising since its the quintessential American worker staple, and his ever-present chunky boots.

All you have to do is look at him during his glory days (sorry, couldn't resist), working beaten-up leather like the Boss he is. He had the look that you would find in some Nebraskan saloon discussing life and love into the wee hours over whisky shots (as I imagine he does most weekends). Or, of course, for exuding some macho heartland confidence wherever you happen to be spending your Saturday afternoon.