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Article No. 14 | EILE Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 11

I am constantly at war with myself. As a former student struggling to make the leap into adult life I am stereotypical; my diet is lacking in any sort of decency, I experience productive rushes at silly times of the night and my level of disposable income is disappointingly small. What’s more, the little I do have is more often than not spent on wine – on this note I would like to point out that I am a country boy, so I only drink wine and only the good stuff, so it is expensive. Who am I kidding, €4 in Lidl is the way to go. But being a chap with a keen interest in fashion and striving to dress as the archetypal stylish gent would, this leaves an almost laughably small amount of money with which to purchase desirable new threads. Thus is the question raised; should you wander down the high street or should you spend that little bit more?

As you know it doesnt stop there. This months EILE Magazine is all about the upcoming marriage referendum. You would be silly to miss brilliant features and interviews on TáComhionannas / YesEquality, Jef Joslin, Rick Elliot, Gay Icons, the 12th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and Renua Ireland’s Cllr Patrick McKee. And you know it doesnt just stop there. This issue is packed more than ever with opinion pieces, music & film reviews, articles, news stories, and so much more! As always, the links are as follows: