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Women Wear It Better

We hate to say it, but girls can often look just as good as us in our own clothes. In fact, many women actually like wearing menswear pieces, as the rise of ‘boyfriend’ jackets/jeans/T-shirts proves. Valentine’s Day may have been and gone, but there’s bound to be a gift-worthy occasion around the corner soon. So, when that time comes, why not buy your girlfriend/wife/friend something you actually know about, and pick up a menswear item or two?

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to wear a similar size, then you might even get to steal it for yourself when she isn't looking. If not, you can always live vicariously through her for a few blissful moments. And besides, given that she might look surprisingly better (and more attractive) in some of these items, it could really be a win-win situation.

Now the neutral sweatshirt is a piece that you can buy in your size rather than hers, because the over-sized jumper look never goes out of style in the world of womenswear. She’ll love it because it’s the perfect casual piece – slouchy and comfy when paired with jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors. You, on the other hand, will love it just as much because it can be dressed up with a pair of indigo jeans, chambray shirt and camel trench coat for that romantic walk around the park you have planned later. Look for one in neutral colours such as grey, navy and black for maximum versatility.

OK, so I may like girls in brogues, but it’s highly unlikely that your loved one will be the same size shoe as you. Maybe the best course of action, then, is to just buy them in your size and when they don’t fit her, generously adopt them into your fold of quality footwear.

The Oxford shirt, a quintessential men’s wardrobe staple, will always look better on your girlfriend. Whether she’s buttoning it all the way up and combining with a scoop neck knit, leather leggings and boots, or simply lounging around your flat on a lazy weekend, it’s an essential purchase for both genders. Because of this, you can find them at every price range.


I have no idea how the fairer sex does it when it comes to hats, but there seems to be no type of head wear they can’t wear and pull off with ease. In comparison, we spend hours and hours deciding whether we’re even a hat ‘kind of guy’. And if you are lucky enough to be blessed with the face shape to successfully wear a fedora or pork pie, you've then got to find one that fits your head correctly. We suggest you buy her a hat and then spend the next couple of months closely studying how she wears it, taking notes and hoping that somehow her natural flair will rub off on you.

Have you ever noticed how girls LOVE to wear their partners t-shirt? Or, more specifically, those tees that you have spent time breaking in and wearing down so that they look just right. So, why not just give her that T-shirt she always ends up wearing anyway, and use it as an excuse to buy two or three more the next morning to replace it? Sounds fair to me.


In all fairness though, none of us can deny how great we feel when we look good in our partners clothes. I'm basically in a full time relationship with all my friends and when their clothes fit and well, look better on me, I am pretty chuffed.  We all know, deep down, when we are going shopping, we aren't really shopping just for ourselves. Am I right? 



I LOVE guys t-shirts so comfy! Good idea for a blog post :)