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Review | Bulldog Skincare For Men

Have you ever had the dream where you wake up one morning and head to the shops for your better half to pick up a couple of products, while at the same time noticing that there were no straightforward skincare options for men? And all this time, all you wanted was a product with natural ingredients. And while you continue to have this amazingly vivid dream, you fast forward two years after you done product research, design and development. Your product now sits on leading retailers shelves all over the world with men embracing this new breed of skincare and demand growing rapidly by the day. Did I mention that you also marry your better half all through this? Never had that dream, no? Yeah, neither have I. I bet Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog skincare for men, thought that was all a dream when it was happening though. 

British cruelty free skincare company, Bulldog Natural Skincare, is a men’s skincare line that boasts getting the job done, being hassle free, and not taking themselves so seriously. They’re one of the few men’s skincare lines that flaunts their ingredients and takes pride in their formulas. Bulldog Natural Skincare also takes great pride in being cruelty free, vegetarian-friendly, and environmentally aware. In fact, they are approved by BUAV, the Vegetarian Society and the RSPCA. Now that's a product I already love and I haven't even opened the package they sent me. 

The first thing I noticed about the products were the presentation. They arrived in a lovely box all wrapped up, making you already feel a bit special. I also was drawn to the branding – it just looked so fresh. It was the first time I’d really seen the products and hadn't been drawn to the brand before as most of the products that I use, I just pick up without even noticing. I am a guy after all. Once we start using one product and liking it, it sticks with us. 

I mentioned before that I really don't like shaving, mainly because I always cut myself. However, that was not about to stop me from trying out Bulldog's shaving products. I found the shaving gel to have a natural subdued scent which I really like. It doesn't lather quite as much as I’m used to but I actually liked that as I felt I get a cleaner, closer more accurate shave. The aftershave again, smelled amazing and it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed. Another thing that I was a little skeptical about, from past experiences (Like shaving), was the eye roll-on.  I have never found them to work but I found my eyes feeling lighter and a lot less baggier, especially after those consistent wild weekends. And in this case, less product is more. 

The face wash has every kind of oil you would want in it. While smelling fantastic, it cleans without leaving residue, which makes a change from other brands. The scrub was a little different however. The smell was still consistent but this was a little rougher. But hey, it was made for tough guys like me (grrr!) so it was a walk in the park for me. Once you use this, I promise that your skin will feel softer than a babies. Now! Stop the lights. My favorite piece of this amazing package was the moisturizer. Now this is what your moisturizer should smell like. Its clean, it has an earthy scent, it is not greasy and it dries to a matte finish. You need this in your life. 

Any range that mentions ‘dog’ in its branding is off to a good start with me. In my experience, dog lovers are caring people with good hearts, who take the responsibility of looking after such loyal creatures seriously. I think Bulldog skincare understands this responsibility and this is evident in the quality of their skincare for men.