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Calvin Harris x Emporio Armani

Is it just me or are a lot of people are going around breaking the internet with their latest photo shoots? Last time I checked, Calvin Harris was a slight, pale, techie-type with a penchant for novelty T-shirts and baggy trousers. But, it seems that the worlds highest paid DJ has completely overhauled his image in line with his new lifestyle and now stands before us blonde, tanned, with added stubble and a sharp haircut. Oh, and I almost forgot - and with the kind of muscular physique that most guys would kill for.

I am pretty sure I know how you feel, right about now. Am I right? It was announced back in December that Giorgio Armani had chosen Calvin as the face of its spring/summer underwear line, as well as the Emporio Armani eyewear and watch lines. And to be honest, I never would have thought that I would being seeing these as the end product. I'm pretty sure that photographer Boo George felt the same. This just goes to show that serious willpower and a few months of hard bench-pressing can do wonders. I'm sure I'm not the only one Harris has saying, "I need your love".



Iris D said…
He is amazing! Great choice for Emporio :)