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Be Different

The other day, while I was working, I noticed this young girl. You could tell that she put effort into her outfit and that she had her own individual style. However, an unrelated family followed up the stairs soon after and once they noticed the girl they looked at each other as to say "what the f**k is she wearing". Do we honestly live in a world that people are judged because they look different? 

Honestly, how do you feel about your image?  Let’s face it, we don’t care so much about our image, clothes, hair and grooming regime because it’s a necessary requirement for life. Everything about it is an extraneous, unnecessary and expensive extravagance that we allow ourselves to indulge in almost constantly (think of all the money you could save). No, we do it because we want to look good, we want people to notice us and we want to make a good impression. Truth be told, it all comes down to vanity.

I'm fairly certain that everyone who reads this post has been asked at some point in their lives, by a disgruntled parent, irate teacher or responsible adult of any kind - "So if they jumped off a cliff would you do it to?"  The answer would invariably be yes, because everyone likes to think that they're cool, and if everybody is doing it then jumping off a cliff has to make you super cool and anyone that doesn't, can thenceforth be referred to by any number of cruel and childish names, like 'stinky pants' or 'loser' or 'would like to preserve his own life rather than jump to an almost certain death with the misguided idea that it will make him cool...Loser.'  To put it simply, do we follow the crowd, or do we be different?

In modern times it's all about success; who is the most financially successful? Who is the most successful with women (or men)? And who is the most stylish?  To be the alpha male, I think you have to do something that separates you from the crowd (yes, I have said it once again).  You don't want to look like everyone else, and being an individual makes you more noticeable to everyone.  It also makes you seem more confident, a man who is truly comfortable with himself; if you look like a man who has mastered himself, then you look like a man who has or can master every other problem that life might conjure up.  

I'm a great advocate of finding what Aristotle called the golden meaning in life - in other words, to find the happy medium.  In terms of individuality, it must be executed in exactly the right way.  Too little individuality and you become a victim and a slave to things like trends, too much individuality and you might be seen as a bit of an eccentric oddball.  Each and every one of us lives in a world that is doing its best to change us night and day, there is no denying that.  But be different. Be you.