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Article No. 12 | EILE Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 8

With every passing New Year’s celebration comes another set of promises that we make to ourselves. We say we will eat healthier, drink less alcohol, and do more exercise. We promise to take up a new hobby, finally get around to that project we keep putting off, and meet up with our friends more. How many of those promises ever work out? But for a style-conscious man, there are some promises that are so sacred, it’d be unthinkable to break them. The promise that this year you’ll nail the business-casual look or that you’ll step out of your comfort zone and invest in bold colours, prints and patterns. Or maybe that you’ll finally get to a stage where you could get dressed with your eyes closed and still look great.

Not only are these promises a lot easier to keep than going to the gym three times a week, they’re – let’s be frank – a lot less tedious, too. That said, I appreciate that some of you may be new to the idea of making style-related resolutions, so my latest installment in EILE Magazine focuses on a couple of pointers that should start you out on the right foot.  Start as you mean to go on, right? 
Of course you know by know that the magazine doesn't just end there. This months issue is the biggest yet and boy is it good! This months issue features interviews with Paul Middleton, Cllr Chris Curran, Cllr Paddy McKee, Colin Fallesen of Pinksixty News, Gareth Russell and Gar Cox. And of course we cant forget about all the opinionated pieces by all the team.  And it doesn't end there. It couldn't possibly. It is the biggest issue after all.  As always, the links are as follows:

January Issue: