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25 Of The Most Important Names In Menswear

Creating your perfect wardrobe, developing your style or even just making the most of what you already have is definitely a gradual process. You certainly wouldn't be able to go out and completely reinvent yourself in a day – the world of the fashion conscious man just doesn't work like that. There are a great many things to consider and quite a few people you could listen to. For better or for worse; you could ask your friends, you could ask your colleagues, you could talk to your partner or you could even talk to your mum but more often than not you will just find yourself back at square one, with no idea, a total lack of confidence and completely devoid of direction.

However, recently compiled a list of gentlemen that you could certainly take advice from and most definitely look up to. The list of 25 includes established fashion designers, emerging talents and under the radar names that are finally having their moment in the ever-growing industry.

Leading the pack are some well-known faces, including Dior’s Raf Simons, Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane and label founder Rick Owens, each lauded for their unorthodox, refreshing and sometimes anarchic approach to menswear design. Mainstream sportswear also gets a nod, with adidas’ Creative Director, Dirk Schonberger, praised for making casual wear cool through an extensive line of high fashion collaborations, while Nike’s CEO Mark Parker is commended for continuing to “make sneakers people really want”. Meanwhile, Internet duo Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris find themselves amongst the 25 for their online video series Fashion Bros!.

Craig Green (Designer)

Hannes and Simon Hogeman (Founders and buyers, Trés Bien)

Raf Simons (Designer)

Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin (Founders, Our Legacy)

Hedi Slimane (Designer)

Hiroki Nakamura (Founder and designer, Visvim)

Rick Owens (Designer)

Dirk Schonberger (Creative Director, Adidas)

Mark Parker (CEO, Nike)

Véronique Nichanian (Designer, Hermès)

Alex Olson (Founder, Bianca Chandôn)

Bruce Pask (Men’s Fashion Director, Bergdorf Goodman)

Greg Chait (Designer, The Elder Statesman)

Stefano Pilati (Creative Director, Zegna)

Gosha Rubchinskiy (Designer)

Michael Chow (Artist and restaurateur)

Stéphane Ashpool (Founder, Pigalle)

Benjamin Bruno (Stylist)

Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris (Hosts, Fashion Bros!)

Carlo Brandelli (Designer, Kilgour)

Charlie and Joe Casely-Hayford (Designers, Casely-Hayford)

Charlie Porter (Fashion journalist)

Jey Perie (Buyer and Creative Director, Kinfolk)

Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi (Buyer, United Arrows)

Tyrone Lebon (Photographer)

So there you have it, a list of stylish men that you can envy for the foreseeable future. However, if this list does one thing, it shows that men are as prominent as ever within the fashion industry and they are coming from every part of the world, which is so exciting to see. This list beams excitement but it also gives a voice to young make fashion fans everywhere.