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Break The Rules

Life is about progression.  Learning that change is good, and accepting it, is what being a human is all about.  The same can be said of fashion and the journey that all of us take from a complete rookie to a seasoned pro.  Because what you liked a couple of years ago, you may not be such a big fan of now.  Like, I was all about pasta bakes a few years back when I was studying for my degree.  These days?  Nah, I’m not too fond of that anymore.  Things have changed, I’m afraid.  When you first start out in the style game, it can all be a bit too much to take in.  Men’s fashion has seriously caught up with its female counterpart in the last decade, progressing to a level where the choices and options available to the average male are at an overwhelming level.  But once you've learned the rules of the game – you can then learn how to break them.

One thing I found while growing up was that to dress well you needed to take things like colour combinations, pattern mixing and obsessing over the detail into account.  And I will admit, I did stick by them for a long time.  However, as I got older you could say I got rebellious.  But you can’t really blame me for that.  Rules are there to be broken.  You can always ask for forgiveness later if needs be.

Pairing trainers with a suit always causes controversy with the purists out there.  I did it at my debs and it worked but I do think it’s a matter of trial and error here.   As long as the trainers are simple in detail and construction and you've lost the office based details such as a tie and a belt, it’s perfectly fine to wear trainers with a suit, to an extent.   Obviously not to the office and obviously not with a formal suit or tuxedo, but it can work.

Have you ever noticed how black has a really hard time pairing with anything other than grey and white?  I think it’s because as soon as it sits next to another colour, the black starts to look less rich and deep whilst the colour just looks cheap.  However, wearing brown boots with black jeans for example, this is something you can easily incorporate into your own looks.  Black and brown can work as long as you choose a brown in a contrasting tone and texture where possible.

When it comes to things such as colour, pattern mixing and accessorising, I think you should never use more than three.  For example, have no more than three colours at work in your outfit at one time – and one should always be neutral.  This helps keep your outfits grounded in the real world whilst still allowing you to experiment.  I wouldn't really break this rule that much. It can just make your look too messy.  And only ever do it with one style – colour, patterns or accessories – never all at the same time.

And then we have black and navy.  So many people are afraid to pair these together.  The reason for this is that when put together the two colours can create a black hole effect, sucking in the beholder’s eyes to their location and never letting them go to admire other aspects of your outfit.  This is due to them being far too similar in colour and tone.  However, as we well know, not all navies are the same.  A navy that has more blue base tones, rather than black base tones, can be paired with black because it will provide enough contrast to separate the two, so try something as simple as a navy blue t-shirt with a black leather jacket.  When integrating black and navy together in a formal outfit, which is where this colour combination can be really frowned upon, try and differentiate the two colours through texture as well.

So there you have it, just a few things that I have considered and that don’t seem all that difficult to pull off.  So why not give them a try? It’s always fun when you break the rules.  Think of the adrenalin rush.  And like I said, you can ask for forgiveness later.