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Article No. 10

The cold, wet, dreary weather has come once again but not to worry, EILE Magazine is out.  And I am over the moon that this months issue marks my 10th article for the magazine. I have rolled around on my bed so many times this morning smiling about that fact. I came across this quote from a very talented guy last night and I could not help but think of the magazine and everyone involved in it: "There is often a compromise between functionality or aesthetic in order to be sustainable.  The innovation lies not only in understanding the concerns of the environment. But providing solutions that still demonstrate and challenge the basic principles of that environment."  EILE Magazine is all about another view and at the very least all you have to do is read our editors note in this months issue to see that the magazine is very much aware of the environment it is in and that environment is challenged on every possible occasion. 

This month I look at how brands are everywhere. Everything you buy, drink, eat, watch or look at is, in some way, a branded item. When you buy the own brand goods from your local supermarket you might well think that you’re sticking two fingers up at that hateful consumerist, marketing machine when in actual fact you are still investing in some kind of brand, it’s just not so well recognized. Brands are far from equal in almost every sense and there can be stratospheric differences between one brand and the next. From size to quality, intensity to purpose, brands are about as different from one another as we are from giraffes. 

As always, its not just about me. This month we get more of an international feel from the magazine with contributions coming from Ireland, California, Denmark and New Zealand. Of course the magazine is jam packed with loads of interviews, all the latest film news, the must have music, were you should be traveling to next and there is always a little something extra for you.  Make sure you click on the links provided below for a gripping read on this chilly Friday.

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