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The September Issue

The September Issue...The most sought after issue in the industry.  And its no different down at EILE HQ.  This month it marks my 8th consecutive article to be published in the magazine.  In this article I look at how men can learn so much from women.  Women have been doing this far long than we have. When it comes to colour combinations, pattern mixing and textures, women destroy men.  But who is to say that we can't steal from them? Fashion is a women's game after all. 

This months issue as always, features news, opinion, travel, history, music, films, fashion, and oh so much more.  This is the September issue and boy does it live up to the hype the industry puts on "The September Issue".  This is the biggest one yet and even though I love every instalment of EILE, I got up so ealy this morning so I could specifically read this.  The layout, the designs on the pages, the content: sublime.  This is an issue you will not be disappointed with so grab that mug of tea and put off work for a few hours because you are not gonna wanna move.  

September Issue:

My Article: