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Red Hot

Many people think red headed actors are portrayed as undesirable, angry, and weak characters – or the bad guy. They are never the heartthrob, the hero or the action star, and it has created this notion that all ginger men are ugly and weak. Its a stereotype that is very much out there.  However, one man has set out to change that.  In aid of anti-bullying charities, Thomas Knight has recently gone to great lengths to prove that red headed men are hot. Yep, you have got my full attention now.  In his first solo exhibition, Knight showcased a numbed of red heads in a bid to show that they can be leading man material. And to say the least, it has become a global phenomenon. 


Thomas Knights main ambition is to replace the apparent mans man Daniel Craig as James Bond with a sexy, red-hot, ginger.  Well I am on board for that.  *drifts into silent reverie* Now if you would excuse me, I'm off to buy Thomas Knights book and some hair dye...