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Electric Picnic 2014

Music festivals have always been a place to experiment with style. Ever since the ethereal sheer dresses, fringed waistcoats and bell-bottom jeans, the likes of Electric Picnic have become platforms to catapult developing trends into the mainstream. But do any of us really care about fashion tips for a festival? 

Let’s be honest, will there be beers? Of course. Will there be sun? Probably not but we can only hope. Will there be unforgettable performances that you will boast about at parties in the future? Definitely. So, why the hell would you care about you've got on?

Like it or not, the days when festivals were all about the music are long gone. They may not be formal occasions but they do come with a loose dress code and looking the part could be the difference between scoring a date in the midst of a mosh pit and sitting sulky, soaked and mud-stained back at the campsite.

Despite my reluctancy to point out what to wear, there is always the basics that can help you along the way to looking like that wacky festival goer you always wanted to be. While you’re away on your musical mini break, your chosen jeans and shorts should remain neutral leaving you plenty of opportunity to show your style with your chosen vest or tee. As well as this, cut off denim is the ideal festival choice. However, the temperamental Irish weather may not allow you to wear shorts so dark denim is great because it goes with almost everything – wellies, high tops or boat shoes – and gives you a solid foundation to base your festival style. Despite these all being just basics I would expect that you will be able to put your own unique twist on your outfits with add on's. 

And while Electric Picnic isn't the worst of festivals to try and survive at you still want to smell and look half decent so try not to forget all your essentials. Mine is probably my comb and hairspray. as long as they are around then I am happy. So if any of you take my comb, I will find you and I will kill you. In fairness though, there is probably a bigger chance of pigs flying...

So, stay safe, savour every minute of it and come over and say "Hi" to me if you see me and we can make some embarrassing memories...