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Article No.7

Its the beginning of yet another month so that can only mean one thing: Eile Magazine is out and my newest article has been printed.  Yes that's right, I have reached lucky number seven.  And number seven has definitely brought all the luck because this month I have taken over four pages.  Our editor Scott doesn't know it yet but I will soon have the whole thing *Que the texts, phone-calls and emails from himself* Ah no, I'm kidding of course.  This month I pop the question: "Is Fashion Really Art?". There has been many debates over this age-old question, with designers such as John Varvatos determined that fashion is indeed a form of art, while the likes of Marc Jacobs and Comme Des Garcons are seated resolutely on the opposite side of the fence. Check out my article to find out if these differences of opinions will ever be resolved.

As always, this magazine features a lot more than just me.  This month there is an incredible article 'The Transgender Spy of Versailles'. We see why Ireland needs civil marriage. We also learn about the change of leadership over at Gay Switchboard Ireland.  And as always it doesn't end there.  Check out all the links below.