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The Blog Awards Ireland 2014

Bloggers think differently. We see the world in photographs, social media and enjoy standing out from the crowd. How else are you expected to be noticed? Blending in is for the mundane. All this is why some people just don’t get bloggers. Yes, we fuss over what shoes to wear. Yes, our social networks are filled with images of our favorite looks. Yes, we have friends we have never actually met in person. No, we don’t expect everyone to understand. No, we won’t be swayed by the occasional judgmental look or whisper. No, we don’t mind working hours and hours outside of our normal jobs or lives to express our creativity.

Many people ask, “Why do you put so much time into something that’s a hobby?” They don’t understand why we consistently subject ourselves to nights of minimal sleep, endless networking and never “turning off”. The truth is that many of our efforts aren't logical. We do it for the thrill of the ride; for the journey, not the end destination. Our efforts are a result of real love. And that type of love, my friends, is above reason. So bring out the coffee and keep blogging your well-dressed heart out, because it’s those who work the hardest that will see the biggest rewards.

And on that note I am actually delighted to share with you all that I have been nominated for four awards, yes four, at this years Blog Awards, Ireland. Mark My Style has been nominated for Best Fashion Blog, Best Journalist Blog, Best Designed Blog & the Best Mobile Compatible Blog. It was quite surprising waking up and scrolling through Twitter to find out that my blog was nominated. I cant thank you guys enough for reading this and listening to me ramble on time after time. If this was Glee I would break out into a song as a thank you but for now just know that I appreciate you all so much.