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Article No.6 To Be Published

Its July and its sunny and really warm - is this still Ireland? However, its that time of month again. Article number six has been printed. And its not only July that is upon us, it’s also coming up to that season once again. The time when it feels like everyone you've ever known has decided to get hitched just to remind you how truly alone you are. And although a winter wedding is an easy event to dress for, once the sun comes out and invitations start flying through your letter box, it’s a completely different story. And that's not all...

This months Eile Magazine features Conchita Wurst. Yes, Conchita gives an exclusive interview in this months installment. I tried to give her some tips on styling during her interview with Eile after her performance in the George but she was having none of it. Its probably best I stick to styling men. Throughout the issue you will also see Eile's new LGBT parenting series with a look at fostering in Ireland. You will also find out about the latest music with GANGS in Dublin, Smoke Season in LosAngeles and Paul M in London. What an issue. Its so good that I am probably going to go read it all again. As always, the links are below: