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Mr Gay Europe 2013/2014

As Mr Gay Ireland and Mr Gay Northern Ireland are off fighting for the Mr Gay Europe title we took some time out to have a catch up with former Mr Gay Ireland and the current Mr Gay Europe title holder. You all know that I am not one to introduce guest writers on Mark My Style but I have always have had great time for Robbie O'Bara so I am delighted to have him here. As the new Mr Gay Europe is just under 24 hours from being crowned, Robbie signs off his year with great honesty and with some words of wisdom.  

A beauty contest? That's what this boils down to competition, ACCORDING to many. HOWEVER I am Honoured to-have received the title of Mister Gay Europe, I really hope for so much more. To me, a 'mister gay' title should be about health & Advocating for gay rights, while destigmatizing and normalizing homosexuality in society - All which includes the drive for same sex marriage. Gay people continue to be killed or Persecuted for Being Different in Almost every country around the world and we, as a community, are all responsible. 

My past year has-been active and lively time year full of wonderful friends, family, studies, job hunting, playing volleyball, and working on health promotion for the gay and trans community as well as fighting for women's rights and abortion. Still, I'm left disappointed.'m disappointed by the Lack of Support Mister Gay Europe from the organizers. I'm disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to travel and speak out outside of Ireland. I'm disappointed that I was not able to do more . Most of all I'm disappointed that our community around the world still Suffers in one way, the Mister Gay contests are big and wonderful celebrations of community. I know that the Austrian team is working hard to put on a fantastic event this year. Sadly, in another way these events succumb hollow, picking a lucky boy and leaving 'em afterwards to battle the world alone. 

The saving grace is that any positive public visibility of the gay community is such a powerful thing. We need to be visible to advocate effectively. We need to be strong. As my time as Mister Gay Europe comes to an end and I begin my new life as a medical doctor in Canada, I wish to pass on a post to all the aspiring misters. First of all you have my utmost respect for being your true self. SECONDLY, love yourself and value who you are. Just as RuPaul says, "if you do not love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?" We are a social species and loving those around you is 100% natural as intends. Finally, regardless of any sash or crown you wear, know that by being out and proud you are already a star. 

With Love, 
Robbie O'Bara 
Mister Gay Europe 2013/2014