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Don't Work Yourself Up

How do you feel about your image?  To be honest, let’s face it, we don’t care so much about our image, clothes, hair and grooming regime because it’s a necessary requirement for life. Everything about it is an extraneous, unnecessary and expensive extravagance that we allow ourselves to indulge in almost constantly (think of all the money you could save). No, we do it because we want to look good, we want people to notice us and we want to make a good impression. Truth be told, it all comes down to vanity.

But is life really about our image?  Many would think so but over the past few days I have found myself watching so many YouTuber's (And falling in love, may I add).  But while I was watching them I found myself dreaming of different things.  I can honestly say I am the biggest dreamer I have ever come across.  I am so impulsive and I will do anything I want, even if it fails.  That is just who I am.  I love that though.  We all have dreams. But, why don't we ever pursue them.  Yes we all have commitments but are our dreams not more important?  

We are all never going to get what we want in this world.  We have to make that happen.  If you have to get up and leave your job and follow your dreams then just do it.  What is the worst that can happen?  You will only run out of money and have to start all over again.  Is that really so bad? Following your dreams is a matter of trial and error.  And I was always thought that everything happens for a reason.  So what are you waiting for?  Yes, its so scary but should we wait around for what we want or should we just go for it?  I think the answer is very obvious.  Of course we are never going to get what we want but we should get what we deserve and the only way to do that is to chase after what we desire. 

Yes, we should all strive to achieve what we want but things always get in our way and that makes life difficult. I am not hiding the fact that I am not perfect.  I have had my difficulties. I am only human like the rest of us.  But that has not stopped me from following my dreams. Should little boulders in life like that stop us?  No.  As hard as life gets sometimes, we should never work ourselves up.  

Even though we all get down every so often, we should stand back and look and observe what we have.  The future is bright so grab it with both hands because its happening.