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Article No.4

This months issue of Eile Magazine is quite a significant one. Eile is officially 1 year old. This is such a remarkable achievement for a brand new magazine in Ireland. And what is even more impressive is that the magazine itself is classed as an LGBT magazine and the fact that it has stuck around and has received so much love from such a small community is astonishing. I have always had fate in Scott and the gang and you all know how proud it makes me to be writing for this publication. So, Happy Birthday Eile. I'm sure we will be celebrating many more birthdays. 

Like I said, this is a significant issue. However, that is not only for the whole Eile crew, but for me as well. This month marks the first time that I have had an article spread across three pages. The happiness that brings to my face is unbearable.

This month I focused on going out in style. Because when we go out in the evenings we all like to have a good time. And well, I’m no stranger to alcohol spills and burger sauce stains. And let me tell you from first-hand experience, these situations and high quality clothing do not mix. Yet I just can’t bring myself to compromise on either of these activities. Which raises the following question: is it possible to drink and dress well at the same time without spending even more of your hard-earned cash? Check out my article to find out.

Also within this jam packed birthday issue you will find interviews with David Turnip and Darren Shan, politics, film reviews, a gay friendly Cape Town, Dublin Dance Festival, Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and so much more. This is not an issue to be missed. As always, the links you need are below.

May Issue:

My Article: