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Will Transparency Take Off?

I can remember reading my first fashion magazine many, many years ago. The one thing that still stands out in my mind is a picture of a man wearing a plastic, transparent trench. I know, I know… a half naked man wearing a see-through coat, it’s going to stand out in anyone’s mind. The spread was a piece on the year 2000 and how the world would explode and we would all turn into futuristic aliens wearing see through clothes. Unfortunately nothing really happened when we hit January 1st, 2000, apart from maybe a few confused microwaves. That is until now, are we in the future we foresaw over 10 years ago?

2009 saw John Galliano put women in ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ style garments, with strips of transparency breaking up block coloured fabrics. We now see that the trend has progressed into bundles of see through-ness, it seems to have filtered down into every other high street store. Unfortunately progression isn’t always a good thing as some of the‘lets say cheaper’ takes on the trend translate as see through, lace cat suits. Not what you want to see in the Kebab shop at 5.30 in the morning.

The good news is that the trend has now passed over to menswear so we can show the ladies how it’s done. I joke ladies, I joke. Thankfully I haven’t seen a single transparent, lace boiler suit doing the rounds in any bustling builders’ yard. Phew! Nor have I seen any 70s mesh underwear revivals. What I have seen is beautifully crafted and quite tasteful ensembles.

Calvin Kleins line from a couple of years ago comes to mind when I think about the subject.  The line formed an entourage of partially transparent suits in keeping with his nautical gentleman look, but perhaps with slightly more of that ‘gentleman’ on display. When I think of Calvin Klein I see men with bodies cast from steel wearing nothing but tighty whities, naturally it makes sense to wear a translucent suit over that. Maybe that’s the whole see-through trench scenario again *ahem*:

So what are your thoughts? Is the transparent garment simply too outlandish for your tastes, or are you ready to embrace the translucent catwalk craze into your spring wardrobe? If not, I suppose there’s always next year…