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Article No.3

Print, pattern and more print! That is what you always hear me banging on about. If last spring/summer was all about bright, pop colour, this season it is the turn of pattern and print to truly stamp its mark on menswear. Instead of generically discussing the pros and cons of pattern and print, I felt it was about time to give you guys a breakdown of the main variations that are currently making an impact on the menswear scene.  So, while I am not advocating taking things to the extreme, I do think it is worthwhile taking a look at this months article in Eile Magazine and it is worth getting dotty about spots this season.

While having a feature on this seasons trends, the April issue features the wonderful Cindy Gomez and Liv Monaghan.  With LGBT news, countless opinions, health, sports, humour and so much more, there's bound to be something you'll enjoy in this month's EILE.  As always, the links are as follows: