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What Does Carrie Bradshaw Actually Mean?

In the wake of all the Sex and the City drama it only seems fitting to take some inspiration from no other than the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. We all know that if the show had of started 10 years later than the original air date, Carrie would have been a blogger.  There is no doubt she would have been New York City's "It" girl who would have been tweeting Miranda, re-pinning Charlotte's outfit posts and of course liking Samantha's erotic Instagram photos of the hottest parties in the city.  

Despite all the drama and the hatred towards countless men, I have found that Sex and the City is a pretty enjoyable show to start your day off with while you have breakfast.  However, that is not the point.  I'm sure you are all big fans of the show as well right?  Have you ever wondered what kind of advice Carrie would give to us today?  Its something I have always thought about and well the show is not short of quotes that teach us some timeless lessons.  Lets take a look at what Carrie can teach us as bloggers and writers as a whole.  

Many people ask, “Why do you put so much time into something that’s a hobby?” They don’t understand why we consistently subject ourselves to nights of minimal sleep, endless networking and never “turning off”. The truth is that many of our efforts aren't logical. We do it for the thrill of the ride; for the journey, not the end destination. Our efforts are a result of real love. And that type of love, my friends, is above reason. So bring out the coffee and keep blogging your well-dressed heart out, because it’s those who work the hardest that will see the biggest rewards.

Bloggers think differently. We see the world in photographs, social media and enjoy standing out from the crowd. How else are you expected to be noticed? Blending in is for the mundane. All this is why some people just don’t get bloggers. Yes, we fuss over what shoes to wear. Yes, our social networks are filled with images of our favorite looks. Yes, we have friends we have never actually met in person. No, we don’t expect everyone to understand. No, we won’t be swayed by the occasional judgmental look or whisper. No, we don’t mind working hours and hours outside of our normal jobs or lives to express our creativity.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Juggling a career, blog, family, friends, and hobbies is no easy task. It often seems like there aren't enough hours in the day or minutes in an hour, but the blogging world is full of people who make it happen every day. Carrie reminds us that when you’re feeling overwhelmed or that life has thrown too many curve balls, it’s important to allow yourself to relax. Take a step back and let yourself reboot. Sometimes, breathing is the best medicine…and a glass of wine, of course.

Haters are going to hate. Who cares? Carrie certainly didn't. Sure, she was aggravated by the occasional negative review or not-so flattering picture. But she rose above it all and in the end came out on top, which is exactly what we should all do when this happens in real life (blog or no blog). Don’t listen to the bad reviews. Accept what may be constructive criticism, learn lessons where you can, and move on. Only believe in the positive. You’re in charge of how you react to, and think about, the world around you. Only accept the positive, and that’s how you’ll view the world in return.

As always, Carrie speaks the truth.  For a couple of moments there I felt like an empowered woman preaching to my followers.  What each of us focuses our minds on will determine how things play out.  You can focus on on your problems and dwell in suffering and victim mentality.  Or you can get up off your ass and focus on a positive situation and what you can learn from that experience.  Now if you don't mind I need to be excused.  I am feeling quite positive about learning from my past mistakes and incorporating a check skirt into my everyday attire.