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Article No.2 To Be Published

It would appear that almost every week on Mark My Style I am, in one form or another, waxing lyrical about how menswear has broadened its horizons. Particularly the way print, pattern and colour has stamped its mark on both our wardrobes and recent collections, and how the modern style-conscious gent has become more accepting of the ostentatious and what was previously deemed outlandish.

We all know this is very true.  But I am over the moon having been confirmed as a permanent contributor for Eile Magazine.  As you all know, I had my first article published last month and after having a sit down with the editor, it was decided that I would become the new menswear writer for the magazine.  Delighted.

This month I focus on the return of mens heritage knits.  I thought it would be pretty relevant given the extra chill that has been in the air recently.  The magazine also covers the hilarious new comedy "Such Good People" which has stars from 'Queer As Folk' and 'Ugly Betty'.  And it doesnt stop there.  The issue has everything from films in Los Angeles to politics in Brussels, and drama in Belfast to food in Cork.  The jam-packed March issue is just waiting for you to sit down and read it.  As always, all the links are below.