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My First Ever Published Article

So, yesterday I woke up to emails confirming that I had an article published for the first time ever.  To say I was proud, and still am, is an understatement if I have ever heard one.  I will put all the links down below for you guys to check the article and the magazine out as a whole.

This months issue of Eile Magazine features some amazing interviews with the likes of Sarah Sylvia, Anthony Starble and the London Tailoring Company.  It also celebrates the amazing success of Gay Switchboard Ireland, which celebrated 40 years recently.  You can also find some great online dating advice (come on, we all need some) within and of course there is my article as well.  But that is not all, the magazine is jam packed with so much that it guarantees a great read.

Eile Magazine is an Irish based online magazine that has contributors from all over the world.  That is pretty impressive when it is only relatively new in the magazine industry.  Eile (pronounced 'eh-la') creates an other view, a view that is more than just a couple of words slapped on a page.  This is a magazine that engages you and makes you think.

Having read all of the Eile Magazine issues, I can say that I am very very proud and honoured to have done a piece for them.  In today's world, whatever industry you are in, it is constantly trying to change you and on some occasions that industry can force your hand.  I was more than happy to get on board with Eile when I was contacted because this is one of very few magazines that has stuck to its morals from the very start and I think that is something they can be proud of and respected for. On that note, I think you should all go boil the kettle and sit down and take a read of this magazine.  The links are as follows:

February Issue:

My Article:






Lucy Coogan said…
Well done! :)
Lucy x