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Mark My Style Is 1yr Old

Yes that's right, Mark My Style is officially one year old. How did that happen? To be honest, I didn't think I would be as consistent as I have been.  But that really hasn't been down to me.  It has been you guys.  You all come back post after post to have a read and I appreciate that so much.  Having people view my blog day in, day out makes me so, so happy.  You should see the smile on my face as I write this post.  I am pretty chuffed.  So without going any further:

But what is it really like being a menswear blogger?  I shall try paint a story for you.  I have been into men's fashion and style for a couple of years now and I like to think that I know a thing or two about how guys should dress themselves. I read as many articles as I can and I even sometimes stay up late to watch, or fall asleep during, some of the runway shows as they happen in New York, Paris and Milan.  

People look at me strangely, because when they ask me where my ideal holiday destination is I reply, "Paris, bitches".  Although my ideal holiday destination always changes.  I'm pretty indecisive.  You can only imagine what I'm like try to pick an outfit to make breakfast in.  

Everyone has always told me to write what you know, and at this stage any knowledge that has been even remotely useful for life has been replaced with countless fashion and style books on top of my wardrobe, so you might as well become a menswear blogger, right? Wrong!

Sitting in your pants all day writing about men's clothing isn't as simple as it seems, kid.  Sure, it may sound easy... a little too easy... but like putting a dimple in your tie, it's much harder than it looks.  You have to be prepared to get up at the crack of noon - every day - and risk carpal tunnel syndrome from constantly clicking refresh on websites with sales or trawling the web for discount codes.  You even have to make sure you remember to put some trousers on before you leave the apartment - because you'll be surprised how quickly blogging in your pants can turn into plain old naked blogging.  Mind you, that's pretty comfortable. *cough* Moving on. 

If you're up to the task, you need to be realistic and prepared.  You're going to want to get hold of a thesaurus, because there are only so many ways you can say 'essential', 'timeless', 'a fresh take', and 'on trend'.  And don't make the mistake of thinking free clothes can pay your bills because, trust me, they don't. So like any make-believe job - actor, musician, politician - ensure you have a solid plan B to fall back on.

However, that is not to turn you off blogging.  Yeah its hard work sometimes but its moments like this that makes it all worth while.  So once again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Your views mean the world to me.