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Are Metallic's Here To Stay?

As we all know, even though there are currently grey skies, wintry winds and dismal downpours outside (I feel I could have went a little more dramatic with that given our current conditions in Ireland), fashion designers have unsurprisingly set their sights on the sunnier climes and how best to showcase their next collection.  Although you may currently be wrapping yourself in swathes of fabric in order to protect yourself from the harsh elements, I wanted to give an insight (yes I am psychic) into a trend that seems to be sticking around the high streets for another year at least.

True fashion followers always attempt to stay ahead of the sartorial seasons in order to be a step ahead of the trends - so although your body might currently be craving woolens and layers, your head should be thinking about what might be when the sun pops his hat back on.  And with the winter sales just about over, now is the perfect time to pick up a piece that is projected to last longer than just the current cold months.

One of the biggest advocates of the metallic trend last year came from quite an unlikely source - Burberry Prorsum.  Although Burberry Prorsum's collection traditionally tend to be muted and monochrome, their collection last season contained several garmets with metallic finishes.  The traditional double-breasted Burberry trench coat,which we all know and love, was almost unrecognizable in vivid metallic foil colours of fuschia, rich green and royal blue - creating a real statement piece.  For a more subtle take on the trend, Burberry Prorsum also featured a black wool overcoat with a contrast metallic blue collar detail, and several foil short sleeved shirts hidden beneath slim fit blazers in monotone colours.

Lanvin followed suit with a blouson Jacket in metallic silver, a silver sheen pea coat and a wet-look black leather blazer.  Christopher Raeburn adopted an altogether more sports luxe feel, with his metallic over-sized parachute-style jacket and metallic grey hooded sports jacket taking center stage.  I have to say that it is nice to see designers that are typically renowned for retaining a sense of traditionalism adopting a more adventurous look, which would normally be more closely associated with younger, more directional fashion houses.

Yesterday I turned to the high street and it is clear that metallic's have already made an impact again, one year on from Lanvin's and Burberry Prorsum SS13 collections.  There was several metallic options to choose from in various high street stores.  I am convinced that as stocks turns towards spring/summer, the metallic trend will become even more prevalent.  And of course, we need to look no further than our tv screens to see iconic people wearing the trend.  You may have noticed Bruno Mars at the Superbowl (what a performance!) and Kylie Minogue in her new music video, both wearing metallic's.

So what do you guys think?  Are metallic's in fabrics something you would consider or should they be banished to the bottom of the melting pot?  No matter what you feel about the metallic trend, it is undeniable that the use of metallics in fabrics and garmets adds not only an interesting colour and tonal element to any look, but also a textual aspect - something that is fresh and new for spring/summer.  Of course, I am in favour of metallic's but with people like Bruno and Kylie (yes we are on first name basis) wearing metallic's, it looks like the trend is here to stay for the foreseeable future.