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Men's Hairstyles 2014

The pompadour is an all time classic hairstyle that was actually named after the mistress of King Lois XV, Madame de Pompadour.  The hairstyle was adopted by fashionable women throughout the 18th century and it remained the dominant style up until World War I.  The hairstyle continued to grow throughout the 1950's, with Elvis sporting the style as part of his signature look and the rest, as they say, is history.

This haircut is a lot more flexible than one would imagine and it suits many face shapes and hair types.  It is also popular with men of all ages, although the variation and extremity of the cut needs to be taken into consideration - the end result should complement not only your personal style, but lifestyle and profession too. 

Although it is a cut that has been in Vogue for a couple of years now, the pompadour really took off again at the end of last year, which was in no small part down to Justin Timberlake (Now, now, contain yourself). Seen sporting an expertly styled pompadour in his superb editorial for "T Magazine", shot by none other than Hedi Slimane, creative director of Saint Laurent.  The cut became an instant classic, with images of the shoot spreading like wildfire on social networks, menswear blogs and tumblrs across the world.  

Men immediately clamored to get the look, which was the epitome of classic with a contemporary twist. Keeping the sides short and tight while leaving length through the top, its still one of the best, if not not the best, example I have ever seen.

If you want to keep your cut classic and refined, the back and sides still need to be clipped, but not so short that it exposes too much of the scalp.  

Even the celebrities are sporting this hairstyle.  With everyone from James Franco to David Beckham choosing to style it in extremely different ways, depending on their look, personality and hair type.  It just goes to show just how versatile this cut really is. 

However, the one downfall of the pompadour is that it can be an extremely high maintenance haircut, both in terms of styling time and upkeep. Nevertheless, this is a timeless and versatile hairstyle that is only set to become more popular throughout 2014.