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Words Of Wisdom

Each new year brings with it the promise of change and a huge list of resolutions (How many times have I said that recently?).  However, in order to stand any chance of hitting your personal goals - whether style oriented or not - keeping your mind focused and motivated is essential.  When it comes to men's fashion and style, there are many places you can find inspiration and motivation.  It can be anything from picking up this month's issue of GQ, to scrolling through the web, to strutting down the streets of your home town and taking inspiration from others.  But what I find works best for me is listening to words of wisdom from people in the style community that I admire and respect.  

We all know that Mr Mashburn is the king of thoughtful, selective prep style.  This is great advice for both beginners and seasoned pros.  It's easy to get caught up in the whole idea of 'fashion' and feel like you have to constantly buy new pieces to stay ahead.  In truth, most of us could easily survive on a thirty piece wardrobe.  I'm talking white shirts, Oxford dress shoes, grey crew neck t-shirts, pea coats... the list goes on.  If its classic, simple and versatile, the chances are it will be in your wardrobe for years to come.  And, therefore, well worth investing in quality when purchasing it.

This one was definitely a game changer for me.  Not only do I love pink (pink to make the boys wink, eh?) but it goes with every neutral you already have in your wardrobe (grey, navy, white, black).  Pink also flatters nearly every skin tone.  Even if you are feeling rough from the night before, pull a pink Oxford shirt on with a pair of slim fit jeans, brogue boots and a navy pea coat for the perfect hungover Sunday look that will help hide your fatigue.  

Yeah, I know, that's two quotes but its my blog and I'll do what I want, damn it!  Again, like the first quote, this goes back to the idea of not over complicating your wardrobe and the amount of clothing that you buy.  I agree with this because it has helped me so much to reduce the amount of clutter I used to collect.  By keeping your outfits simple, or at least grounded in simplicity, you get the added bonus of allowing your personality and confidence to shine through.  The man should wear the clothes, not the other way around, remember.  

This is not only one of my favorite quotes of all time, I personally think this is one of the greatest style quotes ever, and something we could all learn from.  We should strive to develop a personal style that represents our personality fully, not a clone of somebody else.  Be a leader and not a follower.  

Incredible guy, incredible quote - what more could you want?