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The Controversial Man-Legging

Recently I have been researching different fashion colleges and journalism courses around the world out of curiosity and boredom really.  But even though I am just sitting down with my laptop in the evenings, I have felt incredibly inferior to these fashion students.  After all, these young, avant-garde and incredibly tall creatures are the next generation of the fashion industry.  If that's not enough intimidation to cause your senses to collapse into a puddle of gibbering goo, there's always the fact that some of the student fashionistas make Lady GaGa look like another high street window shopper.  

However, as I have been troweling through the internet, I have spotted a trend that has been circulating amongst boys recently - meggings.  It seems the skinny jean has been given the boot and replaced by a whole new level of skinniness.  I must admit that I do love the look of man-leggings teamed with huge, loose fit, cotton tees.  It's simple, easy, and practical, being that most boys spend a lot of their time in a studio in these colleges anyway.  

Ok, I know this trend has been ridiculed more often than Hitler but (this is where I get on my 'Fashion Equality' high horse) if certain girls can go out in skin tight jumpsuits, badly crafted from cheap net curtains, with nothing but two plasters keeping them dignified and lawful, then us boys can wear spray-on-tight leggings.  However, over-sized upper wear is essential.  No one needs to see your meat and two veg clad in shiny, skin-tight spandex. Ever! *ahem* moving on.

I have seen countless guys wearing man-leggings as part of an uber-skinny suit or with the over-sized, low cut T and blazer ensemble.  In fact that reminds me of a experiment Senior Commissioning Editor of British GQ conducted in the past when they decided to don a pair of black sequined leggings conjured up by Belgian designer Martin Margiela as part of a casual day suit.  The response?:

"the response was fantastic.  This must be how an X Factor winner feels the morning after the vote.  Pretty girls smiled, tourists stopped me for a shoulder-hugging snap, builders wolf-whistled and colleagues cheered (mostly)."

I think the guys above look awesome, and if they strolled into my office I would definitely be a cheerer.  I mean come on its so much more fun than wearing black suit pants.

I am not going to lie, I have ventured into the world that is the megging and I cant deny that they were incredibly comfortable.  I'm a skinny guy and I hate not having pockets so I always wore a pair of super skinny jeans underneath.  It might sound ridiculous but it made me seem that bit wider and they looked and felt fantastic.  They're is no doubt that this trend will continue to catch on so I suggest you try it for yourself before you start criticizing it.  

Stay amazing.