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Men's Christmas Gifts

Gift hunting for a family member, boyfriend, mate, secret Santa (or even drawing up your own Christmas wish list) can prove difficult, even for the style connoisseurs like yourselves.  You would be forgiven for thinking that Christmas gift buying was all about small boys hand wrapping John Lewis gifts or the entire X-Factor cast following you around the high street - but it's much less glamorous (and less cheesy) than that.  Advertisers would like to think that everyone's giving each other iPod's and Kindles, exchanging laptops with occasional acquaintances and games consoles with co-workers - but we don't.  The reality is that most of us will look towards the lower end of the budget spectrum for a large portion of our gift buying, and fashion provides the perfect arena for smaller (yet thoughtful) gifts.

Rule number one in selecting the perfect present this Christmas is establishing the personality of the person you're buying for. This is certainly easier said than done, so for their 2013 Christmas gift guide, Opumo teamed up with celebrated graphic designer Janne Livonen to showcase six characters of Christmas - The media mogul, the high flyer, the sportsman, the gadgeteer, the deal maker and the apres skier.

He is just back from a business trip to Hong Kong; he'll meet you in that bar for a drink, but just one because in four hours time he is off to the south of France for the weekend (that certainly wouldn't stop me). He's fast moving, here, there and everywhere kind of guy and he wants you to know that he is on the move. One thing's for sure, he looks dapper and exudes smooth.  Even when laden with luggage, this guy manages to make it look effortless thanks to his superb collection of pocket squares, weekend bags, sunglasses and hats.

If he is in media, he's sure as hell going to care about the finer aspects of his look.  This guy likes to be bang on trend.  Whether he's poring over artwork in the office or standing at the bar after hours, he needs to make sure people notice him.  He's power hungry and sharp witted and needs his look to match; bow ties, skinny ties, hats, leather gloves and pocket squares will help show off his creative flair.

Never looks hot, never looks cold, and always looks good.  Those who come off the slopes, sweating profusely having spent seven agonizing minutes toiling to remove their boots, one thing's for sure; he's beaten you to the bar and has bought a round for the group.  Whilst you look like a Michelin Man, he looks as though he has come prepared to party. 

"Ok, let's do it!" barks the man having a loud, brash telephone conversation nearby.  As you follow the source of disturbance you observe the man in question.  He is dressed in a sharp suit, a crisp white shirt and a stylish tie.  He tucks his mobile away, picks up his briefcase and umbrella and shoots off to seal the deal.  There's no messing around with his look - it's uncluttered, effortless, suave and elegant.  His pocket square complements his tie, which is neatly secured by a pin, and you caught a flash of his cuff links as he breezed past you.  You feel it's time to start dusting off that CV.  

He is busy, has the solution for everything and he's always doing something interesting.  What's more, he has brought whatever is needed with him; electronic kit, outdoor gear... you name it.  He prides himself on travelling smart and if he's going to cart all that equipment around, he will do so in comfort.  The quality of the items he wears and the bags he uses matches his cutting edge technology.  

Let's face it, this guy has a head start.  Underneath whatever he is wearing, he has honed his physique to impress you on the beach as much as for his sporting prowess.  Of course, when he's not strolling around in the buff, he needs to exude cool, but without looking like he's trying too hard.  The sportsman doesn't like to appear too fussy.  He has got to be practical and this applies to his clothes and accessories, too.

So all that's left to decide is, who are you buying gifts for this Christmas and which of the six character descriptions fits the bill?