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Marc Jacobs - A True Innovator

Marc Jacobs - Former creative director of the world famous Louis Vuitton, and head designer for own labels.  He does not only design amazing clothes, he wears them too.  Graduating from Parsons The New School for Design, Marc Jacobs really has an amazing history in the world of fashion design.  The reason I have chosen to feature him, is that he is something different from the everyday looks we usually see.  Mr Jacobs wears clothes that you wouldn't expect to see unless you were wondering around the Scottish Highlands, and he still pulls it off with style.  People have and will mention that someone like Marc Jacobs are only stylish because they can afford to be.  But that is not the point I am trying to make.  The message I am trying to express is that I want Marc Jacobs to marry me.  Ah no, no matter what your financial situation may be, you can still produce an individual look based upon and inspired by some of your own icons.  You can go onto the high street and find extremely good versions of designer products for a much smaller dent in your wallet.

Marc has been revolutionary in the transition of designer couture to ready-to-wear clothing, being the designer to introduce the first ready-to-wear collection for Louis Vuitton in 1997.  On top of that, he is also an entrepreneur.  Expanding his self-named brand into accessories and children's clothes, he has turned his clothing label into a worldwide recognized brand.  He is also a huge campaigner for gay rights.  In 2009, he produced a shirt which demanded the legalization of gay marriage.  He was also the first ever designer to broadcast his fashion shown via a live stream on the internet.  We all know that fashion is ever changing, but Marc Jacobs is always on the forefront of this change.  He is a true innovator within the industry, and we can not only be inspired by his personal style, but his whole work ethic and creativity in everything he puts his mind to.  

Marc Jacobs has a range of different styles of clothing that he wears.  His attire can consist of a kilt and a white button down shirt one night, to a fitted black suit with a dotted tie another night.  His casual wear usually consists of tank tops and cargo pants or shorts.  Footwear wise, his look tends to consist of either soft strap leather sandals or chunky lace up boots.  He also adds a range of accessories to his outfits, including gold chronograph watches and diamond studs in his ear.  Marc also has several tattoos, and loves to show them off.  This is why I love his style.  He can be smart and sophisticated when he needs to be, but his casual wear allows him to show off his edgy and quirky side, with the choice of long skirts or kilts mixed with his very individual tattoos.  Now I am certainly not saying everyone should go out and but man skirts or kilts and adopt the Scottish tradition, but Mr Jacobs has this distinct edge to his outfits which makes him stand out from the crowd.  Plus I salute him for being bold enough to wear such items and not be influenced by what others may say.  That in itself makes him an icon in my eyes.  

So the man skirt is kind of a touchy subject with a lot of males, and females at that.  I don't think my Mother will ever be the same after seeing me "perform" in a pair of high heels.  Most people have a very distinct view about whether man skirts should be worn or not.  I actually covered this subject a couple of posts ago.  You can read about it here: "The Controversial Man Skirt".  Either way, I think we can all take something away from Marc Jacobs style - the confidence the man has to rock these items on a near daily basis right now is excellent.  He truly has made this item his own and all his outfits featuring the skirt are so individual and against the norm.  That is something to be truly admired.  Marc Jacobs has and always will be an innovator within fashion as a whole and he will remain one of my all time favorite icons.