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Surviving The Rain In Style

Rain never fails to dampen the mood (as well as everything else) and with it often comes a lack of creativity and spark, which can seriously dent both the level of consistency and effort you put into how you dress. With Ireland receiving daunting weather warnings, not to mention the notoriously unpredictable Autumn patterns, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do this blog post.  We are not looking at a full on mentality change, just a few quick fixes because we all know that overcoming a style slump when the weather turns sour is difficult in itself.

I think the most obvious way of beating the rain is an umbrella.  A full sized one would be ideal but the compact brollies definitely have their merits.  However, a full size umbrella can act as an accessory on its own, even when its not being used.  And not mention, you have the opportunity of adopting one of this seasons key print trends through the canopy as well.  On the other hand, a compact umbrella oozes practicality and can be easily tucked away in your man bag of choice when the weather makes an effort to be somewhat seasonal.

The timeless trench coat.  There is very little I can say after that except that it is a great choice for the wet weather - whether you are taking the office commute or on a day out shopping.  Similar to an umbrella, a pack away trench or mac can be fantastic practical options if the weather and the forecast are both looking ambiguously suspect.  Easily tucked away in a man bag, they certainly shouldn't be discredited.

Rising from nothing more than a style minnow to the fashion front line in a matter of seasons, the parka has undergone somewhat of a resurgence.  Like the trench coat, the parka has military derivations and is just as suited to the wet weather.  However, the parka often lends itself to a more utilitarian approach - unlike the trench, which has an air of business like respectability.

It may seem a little premature to be considering wrapping up at this stage, but even a lightweight scarf will prove a smart sartorial companion for the Autumn season.  Not only will it provide protection against rogue breezes, but it can also be used to add interest to the rest of your look.

Shoes, as we all know, are a vital part of any outfit.  When you are faced with showers like we experience in Ireland, your footwear choice should be as pragmatic as your outerwear.  Leather soled shoes will not hold up well, especially if they are brand new, and you will risk damaging the sole when the leather gets wet.  Shoes with a rubber sole on the other hand will fair much better in the rain, although the aesthetic isn't always to everyone's ideal.  When it comes to more casual footwear, the rain is a great time to reprise those hiking and duck boots.  White trainers or desert boots wont fair well in the wet, whilst suede is just out of the question - having been caught in a shower, I can safely say, wearing anything suede does not end well.

Dressing inappropriately for the weather is a major style sin.  Whilst suede monk straps and white trousers create a superb outfit, they are tailored more towards the French Riviera (in all its glory), rather than gloomy Dublin showers.  So there you have it, I am all talked out for today.  May the odds be ever in your favor.