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The Dream Duo That Is Hurts

Over the past couple of weeks Ireland has witnessed some glorious weather and some stand out festivals.  Keeping those sun worshiping  music loving moments at the heart of everyone's ideal summer, I feel that it is only right to fuel the excitement with a sneak peak of what's to come at Ireland's best festival, Electric Picnic. An important part of this is to make you aware of the understated elegance of the dream duo that is Hurts. 

Hurts are a relatively young band.  Since their arrival on the scene in 2010, they have been branded the 'Band of the Year' and as a result of their notable performances throughout their debut year, they finished fourth in BBC's sound of 2010.  It is no surprise that they have become more and more prominent at festivals and on the charts.  Their debut album 'Happiness' was released in September of 2010, containing an impressive duet with eminent pop star, Kylie Minogue.  Thus, it is no surprise that Hurts have been performing at Major European festivals since. 

Festivals scream summertime, and having already made memorable appearances around Europe (with more to come, of course), Hurts, like many other artists, are the standard bearers of what is good about summer for many people.  In their performance, the duo make it clear just how much they value the aesthetics of both themselves and their sets.  The two, believe in the less is more approach, which obviously omits the sort of caution to the wind, throw on anything vaguely smart and go out to perform vibe.  This kind of attitude is communicated to their audience by the absence of a tie, leaving the top button undone, and the addition of classic jewellery.  The end result? They are representing themselves by not conforming to the traditional form of sharp, formal dressing associated with a gentleman who is suited and booted. 

When GQ held an interview with the dynamic duo, they revealed their passion for fashion when band member Hutchcraft asked for "a comb and a suit as part of our record deal", whilst fellow band member Anderson requested that he get a "fox umbrella".  A far cry from how one might expect a band to dress on tour; shorts and a t-shirt, a pair of espadrilles or boat shoes, perhaps a straw trilby.  Yet these two are not your typical males.  For these two sartorial geniuses, looking like your typical festival goer is just not on the cards.  Hurts clearly separate themselves from your traditional festival, indie or rock attire, premiering most sets in a simple two buttoned black suit.  Dressing poorly is never ideal, and neither is over complicating outfits - which states everything about the grounded, charming boys from Manchester.  One may think of them as boring as they frequently wear the same base to their outfits.  But as fashionable males appreciate, the key to apparent bland, monotonous appearance is in the detail. 

Whilst some artists get all the praise for being ahead of their time and setting trends, Hurts are making their own waves in the music and fashion world by being the face of the stylish past for many people.  For those retorting that they are bang on the 60s trend at the moment, you are right, but this not them following the trend.  I think that Hurts will forever be adorned in such beautifully crafted tailoring, symbolizing their own tastes - and that can only be admired.  Such elegance is timeless, and their outfits consistently define such a term. 

The base of their outfits is a well cut suit, never in anything but a neutral colour.  Combined with this industrious staple piece, fundamental to the Hurts look is a pair of well polished, sleek shoes in a complementary colour, often in a basic Oxford style. As Hurts enjoy adding creative elements to their look, by wearing monk shoes you can really pull off the classic edge that Hurts personify.  These core pieces add to the ethos of being dressed agelessly. 

Despite an in depth look into Hurts' style, I hope I haven't inspired you to under go any drastic transformation in an effort to be just as cool as either of these two.  Having said that, I would urge you to go and see Hurts live.  I seen their gig in a relatively small space a couple of years ago and I will never forget it.  Yes, they are that good!